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  1. All about instant orders

  2. Are my gold holdings audited?

  3. Can I deposit or do you buy physical gold for Bitcoin?

  4. Can I get a physical gold delivered to my home address?

  5. Can I print monthly statements?

  6. Can I set up an instant order with altcoins?

  7. Do I get paid in bitcoin or gold by referring people?

  8. Do I have to be verified to get paid from my referrals.

  9. Do I need pay taxes on profits?

  10. Do I need to get verified in order to trade?

  11. Does Vaultoro also accept a wire transfer in fiat like USD or EUROs?

  12. Doesn't the public audit take away my privacy?

  13. How are bitcoins audited?

  14. How are Vaultoro's financials secure?

  15. How can I verify ownership of my gold?

  16. How can the founders of vaultoro avoid being treated like the founders of e-gold? - and how can you protect your customers ?

  17. How do I cancel an order that I have placed?

  18. How do I change a saved bitcoin withdraw address?

  19. How do I change my email address?

  20. How do I get bitcoin?

  21. How do I receive my assets if something happens to Vaultoro?

  22. How do I report problems with the website?

  23. How do I send bitcoins to Vaultoro from coinbase.

  24. how do I set my bitcoin withdraw address and withdrawl bitcoin?

  25. How do I sign a message with my bitcoin wallet?

  26. How do I verify my account?

  27. How do the instant order options work?

  28. How does vaultoro secure my account?

  29. How does Vaultoro secure my bitcoin holdings?

  30. How is a trade settled on Vaultoro?

  31. How is my gold audited?

  32. How long do I get paid a percentage of somebody I refer to Vaultoro?

  33. How long does the referral cookie last?

  34. How much does the referral / Affiliate program pay me?

  35. I don’t have access to the email address I signed up with anymore.

  36. I forgot which email or password I used.

  37. I lost my phone with 2-Factor Authentication enabled. How do I get into my account?

  38. I sent bitcoins and they haven't arrived yet

  39. I think my account has been hacked

  40. I withdrew bitcoins to an address that I don’t have anymore

  41. If you are are verified can you sell gold to USD

  42. Is my gold insured?

  43. Is there any sales tax on gold purchased through vaultoro ?

  44. Legal and Regulatory Compliance

  45. More in depth info about the audit

  46. My account says i have negative bitcoin, how is that possible?

  47. Order book

  48. Physical Gold Withdrawal Fees

  49. Please delete my account

  50. Price difference between vaultoro and wold spot

  51. VAULT referral program

  52. What are orders?

  53. What are some security best practices that I should use?

  54. What are the contractual rules for physical gold withdrawal?

  55. What are the fees and charges on Vaultoro?

  56. What are the procedures in case of death?

  57. What are the risks of trading?

  58. What are Vaultoro Referral Program Terms and Conditions?

  59. What does above 100% reserve mean?

  60. What happens if a market order is unfulfilled?

  61. What is a fiat currency?

  62. What is bitcoin?

  63. What is FATCA and how does it affect me?

  64. What is that green and yellow slope chart?

  65. What is the content of my gold?

  66. What is the difference between allocated and unallocated gold?

  67. What is Two-Factor Authentication and how do I use it?

  68. What's to prevent the website and balances from vanishing?

  69. Whats the difference between a Market and a Limit order?

  70. Where is my gold stored?

  71. Why do I get Login Forbidden when trying to log in?

  72. Why is bitcoin important?

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