Physical Gold Withdrawal Fees, charges and protocols

aPhysical Gold Withdrawal

The minimum physical gold withdrawal (delivery) is 100 gram.

To organise physical delivery of your gold requires a significant amount of management, this is reflected in a higher fee.

Please keep in mind that Vaultoro was primarily set up as a way for people to easily and instantly buy, trade and sell allocated gold bullion secured as your legal property in your name within a professional Swiss vaulting facility. It was not set up as a way to cheaply buy gold you hold in your hand.

We naturally offer physical delivery because it is your gold and you should be able to do what you want with it but you might prefer to sell your vaulted gold on the Vaultoro market, withdraw the funds as Bitcoin or Euro and buy physical gold that you can hold in your hands from a local gold retailer. Please be careful about storing too much value at home.


Withdraw gold bullion from Vaultoro

Standard  100-gram gold bars

The minimum physical withdrawal from Vaultoro is 100 gram

To save costs and make it cheaper for you to receive your gold we sell the gold in the vault to market and send you an already formed bar. The fees you pay account for costs like smelting and forming of the bars. 

Your bars will be chosen from 3 different refineries (Perth Mint, Umicore or Rand refinery), which we will choose depending on availability. If you would like a specific mark then you may need to wait longer.

Your gold is only shipped to your verified address and must be signed for on arrival.



 Countries to which we deliver

Vaultoro ships clients gold to the following countries.

If you live in a country not listed below then please find a country that is geographically close to you to get a fee estimate. You will be presented a precise fee at the time of withdrawal.

Zone 1, Germany, Switzerland, UK

Zone 2: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland

Zone 3: USA and Canada, Turkey

Zone 4: Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Australia, New Zealand


Vaultoro charges a fee to cover, forming, management, shipping, and insurance to deliver your property to you.

The fee is charged in bitcoin, gold or Euro at the time of withdrawal application. The fee covers insured shipping and will be calculated using the BitPay bitcoin price at the time of withdrawal request:



Fee per 31.1 gram bar (1 troy oz.) for postage and insurance


Zone 1


Zone 2


Zone 3


Zone 4




Fee per 100gram bar for postage and insurance


Zone 1


Zone 2


Zone 3


Zone 4


These fees are correct as of 1 February 2015.
The above fees can vary, please be sure to check the latest fees when placing your withdrawal request.

Other amounts and other countries

Vaultoro can also deliver other quantities of gold bullion as well as delivery to more countries than lists above. If you live in a country not listed above then please find a country that is geographically close to your country to get a fee estimate. You will be quoted a precise fee at the time of withdrawal.


 How does gold bar withdrawal work?

  • The gold that you want to withdrawal must be in the vault at the time of your withdrawal request.
  • You need a sufficient amount of Bitcoin, Gold or Euros on account to pay all withdrawal fees.
  • Your Vaultoro account must be fully verified, and cannot be a trust, pension or official retirement account.
  • There are many risks involved in shipping bullion. To limit these risks we restrict the number of bars that can be shipped at any one time.
  • Vaultoro only delivers using insured couriers; your package must be signed for on arrival.
  • Due to anti-money laundering laws, we can only send gold to the address you have verified on your account. You will need to verify your Vaultoro account before the physical withdrawal options become available.
  • If you order multiple bars, then these might be sent in multiple parcels with multiple tracking codes.
  • Once your withdrawal has been processed the requested amount of gold will be reserved on your account until the gold has been dispatched. Any fees will also be reserved.
  • You cannot cancel your withdrawal request once submitted.
  • If you want to withdrawal more than 4 bars within an 180-day period then you will need to satisfy a more stringent anti-money laundering identity checks.
  • Any delivery dates are simply estimates; Sometimes courier companies can have delays. These delays can be longer with international deliveries due to things like customs.
  • Once a parcel has been dispatched you will be able to find parcel tracking codes in your Vaultoro account withdrawal request page.
  • If delivery fails after reasonable effort by the courier company, the bar will be returned to Vaultoro. All gold will be returned to your holdings in the Vault. Please note that fees will not be refunded.


Terms of use for physical gold bar withdrawal

Vaultoro’s standard terms of use apply. On requesting delivery of a 100g gold bar you will confirm that:

  • You agree that any gold can only be delivered to your permanent residential address. You must not request a physical gold withdrawal to any another residence. We will not deliver to a commercial address, where employees can sign for packages.
  • You confirm that you have not been involved in any disputes within the last 5 years were you have not received goods claimed and signed for as delivered.
  • You confirm that no-one residing your account address has been convicted of a crime within the last 5 years or has a pending prosecution against them.
  • You confirm that you have not had insurance refused within the last 5 years.
  • You confirm that you have not made more than 1 theft-related insurance claim in the last 5 years.
  • You recognise that Vaultoro may report any suspicious transactions as obliged by law.
  • Vaultoro may submit your verification documents to a 3rd party identity-checking service (clever coin) as well as the courier company tasked with delivering your gold bars.





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