What's to prevent the website and balances from vanishing?

This is why we charge the trading and vaulting fees. We are always suspect of exchanges that do not take any fees for trading as they have no incentive to run a strong long-term business. We are building a sustainable business with long-term goals. 

Both founders Philip and Joshua Scigala are very public figures, especially Joshua.

The gold cannot be taken by us as we do not have the authority. This is done by employing a third party law firm to check the validity and authenticity as well as KYC documents for every withdrawal request.
This insures that no vaultoro employees or executive can withdrawal clients physical gold and it also makes sure that a user's account has not been hacked and a fraudulent withdrawal request been put through.

The hot wallet (wallet that has access to the internet) only holds a tiny amount of users funds and the cold wallets are all multi sigs with a heap of signatures so no internal thefts can happen.

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