How do I verify my account?

Account Verification 

Verifying is the easiest way to own gold as your property and have it property secured in your name.
Also, it is an advantage in case you lose your 2 factor authenticator  or you have accessibility issues.

Step 1
Click on Verification on the main navigation bar on the left of the interface.
You will see the following page.
Please fill it in.
and hit save.

Step 2
Once you hit save you will see an upload documents box where you upload scans of a government issued ID like a passport or drivers licence and of a photo or scan of a recent utility bill or something that has  your home address (no older than 3 months old). This can be a phone bill, an electricity bill or a bank statement.

You will notice that the green "verify me now" button is greyed out until you have uploaded 2 documents.

Step 3
Once both documents have been uploaded and encrypted by our servers you will see the green "Verify me now" button become active. Please click it.

Our verification specialist will look at your documents to make sure they are correct and then verify you.
This can sometimes take up to 48 hours but will usually happen within 8 depending on time of day and weekend.

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