How can the founders of vaultoro avoid being treated like the founders of e-gold? - and how can you protect your customers ?

Vaultoro is a marketplace between people around the world swapping their gold and bitcoin. Gold is a perfectly legal store of value and has been used by countries, companies and people for over 3000 years. 

We do not issue our own currency like e-gold did. Instead, we facilitate the trade of ownership of people's gold vaulted by one of the biggest vaulting firms in the world. We are using the bitcoin network that cannot be shut down to transfer value locked in physical allocated gold.

In the extremely unlikely event that Vaultoro was shut down, people still have access to their gold. The Clients gold is completely of Vaultoro's balance sheet as it belongs to clients. Even liquidators could not get access to your gold. 

To find our how you would receive back your gold holdings if something happened to the Vaultoro trading platform then please click here.

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