My account says i have negative bitcoin, how is that possible?

Your bitcoin balance has gone into negative because at the end of every month we charge a small vaulting fee from your gold holdings. The vaulting/insurance fee of 0.4% per year is calculated on a 15 minute bases and is subtracted at the end of every month or on withdrawing your bitcoin.

Because you had everything "in trading" our system could not subtract the fees from you.
The system first tries to charge your gold holdings, if you have traded everything to bitcoin then tries to subtract the equivalent value from your bitcoin holdings and if everything is in trading then the bitcoin holdings go into negative and will zero out once you cancel the order or your trade is complete.

To see the details of any fees charged simply log in and go to the statements page where you can see an outline of your holdings and any fees paid.

If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact one of our friendly support staff.

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