How can I verify ownership of my gold?

1.      Please log in

2.      Then find your anonymous user ID under "User Settings" in the main navigation bar

3.      Now that you have that go to the audit page in the main navigation bar.

4.      There you can search (Cntr. F or CMD F on mac) for your anonymous user ID in the public audit list and check your 'out of trading' balance of gold and bitcoin is correct and publically visible.

5.      If yours is correct you can assume everybody's is because otherwise someone would kick and scream loudly on the Internet about some discrepancy.  

6.      Then we publish the sum of all gold and bitcoin holdings by all members.

That is all public on 
If you are logged in you can go to and see the following extra details.

7.     Below that you can see the weekly statement from the independent vault operator (Brinks Siwtzerland). This is always kept above reserve, although sometimes we will order more gold before the week is over so you sometimes have to wait until the next Thursday to see the order within the statement.

8.     Below that you can download the certificate from the insurance company that insures your gold.

9.     Below that are all the cold wallets and warm wallets so you can see we are always above reserve in real time.

Transparency is key to Vaultoro and hopefully other exchanges will follow our lead in transparency and privacy.

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