What are the fees and charges on Vaultoro?

Trading fees

Vaultoro charges an industry standard trading fee. The amount of fee charged is based on the amount traded in the last 30 days. This volume is calculated on a daily basis.
The fee tiers are as follows:
  • 0.5% per trade from 0 to 500 grams
  • 0.4% per trade from 500.001 - 1500 grams
  • 0.3% per trade from 500.001- 5000
  • 0.2% per trade anything above 5000 grams 

Storage and insurance fees

Why a storage fee?

Your gold is stored in a Swiss high security vaulting facility. The storage fee covers the insurance and vaulting costs and are based on the amount of your gold in your holdings.

How much is the storage fee?

Vaultoro offers some of the lowest storage fees in the industry. 
The storage fee is a tiny 0.4% of your gold volume per year, calculated on a 15 minute basis. 

All gold storage fees are deducted in gold unless the users have traded all their gold to bitcoin in which instance the fees will be deducted as bitcoin for the same value at that moment in time.

The gold storage fees are charged at the end of every month and are listed on the monthly statement.

There are no bitcoin storage fees.

To keep costs to a minimum for vaultoro customers, vaultoro has chosen to keep bitcoin vaulting free of charge.

Bitcoin security is second to none.
Vaultoro's top priority is security and ease of use.
  • We incorporate internationally separated multi-signature wallets.
  • Our hot wallets only hold a tiny percentage of our customers holdings.
  • Payout addresses are locked by our users 2 factor Authenticator or password
  • We match the customer funded hot wallet with our own funds in the publicly viewable warm wallet.
  • Bitcoin cold and hot wallets are published on the website for public scrutiny


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