Are my gold holdings audited?

Vaultoro publishes a real-time anonymised ledger of all members holdings and the sum of all vaultoro  holdings. This ledger can be audited by everyone to check if their holdings on the audit page match their holdings. The audit page can be checked when logged out so we never know who is checking and when making it impossible for us to fiddle the numbers.

Vaultoro's vault operator, Brinks Switzerland, sends a confirmation of Vaultoro's gold holdings whenever about once a week. This document is published on the audit page.

Excerpt from the Terms of Use
Vaultoro hereby declares and guarantees that it functions at 100% full reserves. This means that Vaultoro will never use as collateral, lend out, hypothecate, create a derivative transaction of any type, with any Bitcoin or gold held in bailment for its clients. All gold will remain the property of the user through a Vaultoro bailment until sold by or physically withdrawn by its owner.

Read more about the levels of transparency Vaultoro goes to while keeping users private.

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