How is a trade settled on Vaultoro?

By trading on Vaultoro you accept and authorise Vaultoro to settle any order you submit as soon as your order becomes matched with another parties’ order, partially or in full. Vaultoro accepts full responsibility for the ability to execute and settle all orders coming through the website.

Vaultoro acts as guarantor behind every order.

Vaultoro ensures that the buyer and seller in any transaction have the funds, either in gold for the sellers, or Bitcoin for the buyers, to execute and settle.

You acknowledge and agree that:

  • Vaultoro settles all order book transactions, partially filled or in full, instantaneously and at the point of trade.

  • No physical changes happen to the gold stored at the Vault as a result of a trade settlement

  • It is possible to trade with your self by putting a buy and sell order in at the same time at a matching price point.


As soon as a trade is settled, a seller is credited with Bitcoin held in trust and a buyer becomes the owner of the gold held in bailment by Vaultoro. The Vaultoro trading fee is automatically deducted from both parties’ accounts at time of trade.

Settlement of delivered gold bullion is achieved through a Vaultoro book entry. Your gold balance (as shown when logged in on the website), shows your gold bullion custody balance and represents outright ownership of gold bullion held in bailment by Vaultoro, in a professionally secured and insured Swiss vault.

You acknowledge that any trade done on the Vaultoro trading platform is settled simultaneously and immediately with the delivery of gold, minus the trading fee from both parties.

The Bitcoin and gold balances represented in the top left of the website represents all gold and Bitcoin you have, minus any gold or Bitcoin that you have currently placed into the orderbook.

All gold which has been settled on Vaultoro is held for you in custody by the vault operator. Your settled bitcoin balance is secured by Vaultoro in offline cold wallets and in online hot wallets.

Any unsettled balances are immediately added and represented in your balance as soon as a trade settles.

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