What are the risks of trading?

By creating an account on Vaultoro you agree:

  • To trade at your own risk.

  • That trading comes at a risk of losing some, or all, of your initial deposit.

  • That you have educated yourself appropriately on how to trade safely.

  • That Vaultoro is not liable for any losses due to your trading activity or decisions on Vaultoro

  • That the internet could slow down or crash during an important trade and that Vaultoro is never liable for any losses for any technical reason.

  • To take full responsibility for any losses due to information you might have read on the Vaultoro site, on social network accounts run by Vaultoro, or anywhere else online or offline.

You acknowledge that :

  • Vaultoro will do its best to always keep the site online and responsive but can not guarantee a responsive service all of the time.

  • Vaultoro is not liable for any losses due to, but not limited to, site bugs, internet lag, server lag, browser crashes, incompatible browser versions, denial of service attacks (DDOS attacks), countrywide firewalling and or site censorship from a government authority.

  • Vaultoro makes no claim of being 100% reliable and that the technology of both the internet and Vaultoro can and will sometimes act unexpectedly which can lead to losses.

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