Please delete my account

Oh we are sad to see you go ( we would love to know why so we can try to create a better platform for when you choose to come back).

Please contact to delete your account. Make sure you are logged in and write a support ticket with the integrated support solution (question mark bottom left)

Once an admin receives the instructions to terminate your account we will follow the following protocol:
  • Check if you still have funds in your account. If you do then we ask you to withdraw them or choose a bitcoin charity to send the funds to. Once all funds are below 1 euro worth of either bitcoin or gold  we can disable your account
  • Disabling an account hides it from view. If a user tries to sign up with the same data we tell them that that account is archived.
  • All Archived accounts will stay archived for 6 months after which time they will be permanently deleted. This is for legal reasons and to make sure we can audit an account if it has been used improperly

Reactivation of your account is NOT possible for security reasons. You have to use another Email to register an new account.

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