I lost my phone with 2-Factor Authentication enabled. How do I get into my account?

Option 1

When you set up 2-factor authentication you will be presented with a reset code

Please write this down and keep in a secure place.

If you loose your phone you can use this code to deactivate your 2-factor authentication and set it up again with your new phone.

Send the two-factor reset code to reset@vaultoro.com from the email you registered with!

Option 2

If you do not have your 2 factor reset code then follow these guidlines

An admin will need to verify your identity

Steps to take:

  1. You have to send a selfie while holding up the ID card you used to verify yourself, along with any other information you used to verify your self

  2. We will check if the identification matches the information in our database

Option 3
In case you did not upload ID papers

  1. You need to sign a message using the private key from the bitcoin address used to fund the account and send it from the email address used to sign up with.

  2. Send details of this signing to reset@vaultoro.com
  3. We will contact you with further instructions.

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