I lost my phone with 2-Factor Authentication enabled. How do I get into my account?

Option 1

When you set up 2-factor authentication you will be presented with a reset code

Please write this down and keep in a secure place.

If you loose your phone you can use this code to deactivate your 2-factor authentication and set it up again with your new phone.

Send the two-factor reset code to support@vaultoro.com from the email you registered with!

Option 2

If you do not have your 2 factor reset code then follow these guidlines

An admin will need to verify your identity

Send these following documents to support@vaultoro.com

  • A selfie to  while holding up the ID card you used to verify yourself plus a hand written node with the word VAULTORO and the current date
  • A scan of the ID you used to verify yourself

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