What are some security best practices that I should use?

We at Vaultoro have gone to great lengths to secure our systems but sometimes users do not know what they can do at their end to make sure they lock all the doors that they have access to. Here is a list of best practises to make sure you are safe:

  • Be sure to use a long random password. We recommend Lastpass as a great way to create and store passwords. See this video for details of lastpass security.
  • Be sure to set up two-factor authentication on Vaultoro. This will then require you to have your mobile phone with you to acces every function on the site.
  • Be sure to learn about and set up PGP/GPG for your emails. This is probably good for your general life anyway as it stops companies and big brother reading all your private emails. It also lets you verify that an email came from the person or place it says it does.  
  • When uploading sensitive user verification documents please only ever use the form provided. Do not use emails or support tickets as they are not as secure as our document submission platform.
  • Most email providers like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo and now even Outlook let you set up two-factor Authentication. It is highly recommended for general internet security and will go a long way to secure your identity online. Make sure to set up two-factor Authentication for the email address associated with your Vaultoro account.

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