How are Vaultoro's financials secure?

Before I talk about Vaultoro's financial security I would like to let you know that our clients gold is totally independent of Vaultoro's balance sheet. Vaultoro's clients take no risk of insolvency because even liquidators can not touch your gold. Once you purchase gold on Vaultoro it is your gold independent of vaultoro.
  • Vaultoro maintains full reserves of gold and bitcoin if every one of our creditors wanted to withdraw their holdings at once it would be possible.

  • Due to the high level of auditing, clients funds can never be used to pay for running costs. All running costs and staff are paid for through the collection of trading fees and initial private investors.

  • Vaultoro Limited is registered and based in the UK and has a strong relationship with its banks. Although our customers never need to deal with banks, Vaultoro as a business needs to for the foreseeable future.

  • We have accounts at multiple banks in other countries so if there is a sudden interruption in our main banking partner our operation will continue without interruption.

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