How does vaultoro secure my account?

Vaultoro has gone to great lengths to make it as easy as possible to keep your own account secure.

NOTE* It is up to you to use a secure password.  Please always use a strong password or passphrase.

Steps we have taken to keep your data safe.
  • Vaultoro uses SSL encryption to make sure you are
  1. Actually on Vaultoro and not a site pretending to be
  2. Communication between your computer and our servers are completely encrypted and secure

    To make sure you are on the correct page you will see a small lock icon in the address bar. Click on the lock to check if the certificate is valid and that it belongs to or for the helpdesk.
  • Two-factor authentication: 
    We highly recommend using 2 factor authentication to secure your account. 2 factor Authentication is a temporary six number password that only lasts for 30 seconds and is only available on your smart phone. 
    This means that a hacker would have to hack your computer and at the same time hack your smart phone.
    You must download the open source google Authenticator app available for both IOS and Android
What does Two-factor authentication secure ?
  • Account login
  • Saving a  bitcoin withdrawal addresses
  • Activating / Deactivating Two-Factor
  • Using the lock site feature
  • Saving a new email address
Protection against leakage of user information:
Login or password recovery attempts will not reveal any account information.

How are my verification documents kept safe?
Vaultoro takes security extremely seriously. All documents that are uploaded to the Vaultoro system are uploaded to an isolated, highly secure server. All data is encrypted with SHA/AES encryption. 

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