Can I get a physical gold delivered to my home address?

Yes, the gold you buy on Vaultoro is physical bullion secured in your name, as your property, so you can naturally have the gold bars delivered out to you.
Saying that, we were not set up for a way to buy cheap physical gold that you secure at home. We were set up so you can hold physical allocated gold secured in top-tier insured and audited Swiss Vaults and spendable 24/7 in bitcoin and Euros.

Professional Vaults are far more secure than holding gold at home. Insurance companies know the risk of holding gold at home and that is why it is always far far far more expensive to insure gold stored at home rather than secured at a professional vaulting facility. 

Also when securing it in the Pro Aurum vaulting facility you can take advantage of the liquidity pipeline to the professional bullion exchanges we have built. This means you can sell your gold at any time down to the cent and spend your gold as bitcoin and with a gold backed master card (coming soon)

If you do want physical delivery it makes more cost effective to sell your gold for bitcoin, transfer that bitcoin to you and then 

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