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I have a strong request for Vaultoro!

1. I think you(Vaultoro)should store at least 90% of the total amount of the costomer's bitcoin holdings at Cold(Paper)Storges.
I found that you store only small portions of the total amount at cold storage,which makes me suspicious about you. Why do you not follow your rules set forth by yourself?
Are you not utilizing some of the customer's bitcoins for other investments or trading? Why makes me wonder all about this?

2.This Cold Storage's Public Key must not be,in any case,exposed to the internet. Which means that you should use them only for receivings not for sendings. When you need to send some of it,the remaining amount should all be moved to a newly created cold storge.

3. And you should prove that those cold wallets are indeed yours by your statement signed by the private keys of each cold wallets.
I think this is possible.

4. And I am not quite sure about the validity of those documents like Pro Aurum's Statement,BDO's certificate etc.
You should find out earnistly how to prove digitally all those things.
At present state,those papers on your web site are totally useless in so far as their validity.

P/S: One other thing I am quite curious is that your site does not have any button to send questions to you. Which, in relation to my points mentioned above,has made me strong doubt about this Vaultoro.

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